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Pilote de la 8e Escadre
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Community A-4E-C v2.0.0 Empty Community A-4E-C v2.0.0

Dim 2 Jan - 19:21
Tout est dans le titre les aminches Smile 
ils viennent de sortir une grosse update du A-4E-C

c'est ici que ça se passe !

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au menu


  • Flight Model:

    • Realistic Flight Dynamics (it's pretty nifty).
    • Realistic Engine Simulation.
    • Flight control actuators.
    • Realistic force based slat simulation (spring and gravity).
    • Stabiliser trim.
    • Wing vapour effect.
    • Cockpit shake effect.
    • Basic wing overstress.
    • Damage to engine and aerodynamic surfaces (physically simulation only).
    • Realistic suspension.
    • Differential brakes.
    • Compatibility with all carriers.

  • Systems:

    • Fuel system:

      • Zero and negative g effects on fuel flow.
      • Boost pump, Engine pump and Wing pump failure effects.
      • Emergency transfer is simulated.
      • Caution panel ladder lights for boost and transfer.
      • Fuel panel switch functions.
      • Bypass switch can bypass the wing tank in case of wing leak.
      • Flight refuel switch no longer bypasses wing tank, this enables/disables external tank flight refueling.

    • CP-741/A Bombing Computer:

      • In range light illuminates when within a distance that pulling up 45 degrees would release the bombs.

    • AN/ARC-51A UHF Radio:

      • Radio with VOIP (thanks TheRealHarold)
      • Salute option and Request Launch options to radio menu.

    • AN/ARN-52 TACAN and AN/ARA-63 MCL:

      • TACAN for moving objects (tankers and ships) and portable TACAN stations.
      • Manual Carrier Landing (MCL/ICLS) system and its bit test.
      • Note for TACAN and MCL/ICLS: The method used relies on the mission file. This means for a TACAN or MCL to be detected the unit (or unit with the same unit name) must exist in the mission file. Replacement objects can be spawned in to replace dead units however they must have a name which contains the original name to be correctly found by the TACAN and MCL system. This method should work 99% of the time with regular missions however if you run into trouble it is worth checking the following conditions:

        • Unit with TACAN/MCL exists in the mission file (placed in editor).
        • Equivalent unit with a name which contains the original name of the unit placed in the editor (for example UNIT3 would find a unit named UNIT3_OTHERSTUFF, if UNIT3 needed to be respawned).
        • Unit does not share a channel regardless of X or Y band.

    • AN/APG-53A Radar overhaul:

      • Radar can cast many more rays per frame.
      • Gaussian beam shape is simulated using monte carlo sampling.
      • Range lines can now be lit by the reticle knob, and are now drawn on top of the radar returns and remain visible.
      • Updated screen simulation and storage to be more realistic.
      • Updated radar reflection values for cities and other reflective terrain features.
      • Ships can be detected by the radar.
      • A Legacy Mode option in special menu is present allows might save users with older CPUs some performance.

    • AN/ASN-41 Navigation Computer:

      • System now integrates from starting position functioning correctly.
      • Integration happens in D1 and D2 only, set to D1 or D2 to have the correct position. Switching to STBY will pause the integration.
      • The AN/APN-153 Doppler Navigation Radar is vital to preventing drift. Minor errors are introduced for sensors producing drift over time. Average drift is about 2 - 3 nautical miles per hour. Drift will increase with heavy maneouvering.

    • AFCS and APC:

      • Re-wrote AFCS and APC for EFM integration.
      • AFCS rolls out when disabling heading mode.
      • AFCS test (cursory implementation, the indicators do not function correctly yet).
      • Stability Augmentation Switch (yaw damper).

    • Catapult Power Mode toggle for carrier launches - DEFAULT mode supports the Stennis and Supercarrier. A new mode, AUTO makes speed and mass calculations when launching from aircraft carrier mods (for example, the HMAS Melbourne) more realistic. (Default: 'LCtrl+U').
    • Oxygen system (hypoxia is enabled).
    • Air data computer AXC-666 for AN/ASN-41 and CP-741/A, no external functionality, but this lays some ground work for more realistic simulation.

  • Weapons and Loadouts:

    • SUU-25 Parachute illumination pod for night ops.
    • Empty Fuel Tanks.
    • AIM-9 missiles available on outboard stations (thanks to the evidence of VF-45)

  • Cockpit Model:

    • Radio frequency printouts on the AN/ARC-51 label. Labels are dynamically generated from the mission file.
    • MCL Panel.
    • Misc Switches Panel on Right Console.
    • AFCS Test panel switches.

  • Textures:

    • Individualised helmet textures and pilot appearances.
    • Damage textures.
    • Cockpit normal maps.
    • Cockpit interior.
    • Countermeasures dispensers.
    • Normal maps.

  • Liveries:

    • Community A-4E-C III "Forever Free".
    • Community A-4E-C IV "Sea Otter".
    • Argentine Brigada IV.
    • Argentine Brigada V.
    • 3 new USN liveries for USS Forrestal 1967.
    • Community IV: Sea Otter, 2021 (Fictional).
    • Australian Navy Squadron 805, 1972. (thanks HellesBelle)
    • Brazil Marinha do Brasil VF-1 LoViz, 2018.
    • Finland FiAF, 1984 (Fictional). (thanks FinCenturion)
    • Malaysia TUDM M32-29 No.9 Squadron, 2004. (thanks JacobBadshot)
    • RAF Empire Pilots Test School Raspberry Ripple. (Fictional) (thanks FlyingHueman)
    • RNZAF Golden T-Bird No.2, Squadron Ohakea, 1986. (thanks Corsair016)
    • Unique fuel tank to 'Brazil Marinha do Brasil VF-1 LoViz, 2018' livery.

  • Sounds:
    User Feedback:

    • Huffer airflow valve.
    • Engine ignitor.
    • Engine operation.
    • Avionics initialisation whine.
    • Gear pod door and locking.
    • Gear, flap and airbrake hydraulics.
    • Aerodynamic slats stoppage.
    • Ariflow, with additives for Gear, Flaps, Speedbrake and Spoilers.
    • Cockpit rattle at high AOA.
    • Wing stress.
    • Landing gear overspeed.
    • Fuel sloshing.
    • Wheels touchdown.
    • Flaps lever.
    • Emergency levers.
    • Illumination potentiometers.
    • Radar filter plate positioning.
    • Speedbrake switch.
    • Harness lever.
    • AIM-9 sidewinder (fixes the bug where the some useres were missing sidewinder tones).

  • Missions:

    • Reconnaissance and Escort aircraft tasks.
    • Argentina and Chile to countries and assigned appropriate liveries.
    • gunsight and radar night time setup.
    • Adverse weather carrier landing.
    • Carrier landing.
    • Bomb trucking.
    • Aerial Refueling.
    • New missions from sidekick65, SPINEG, Cubeboy.

  • Inputs:

    • Basic support for FFB joysticks.
    • Controls Indicator.
    • Custom view positioning for VR HMDs. Position is lowered and moved slightly forwarded from the previous position
    • VR config to allow the use of VR controllers (throttle function is incomplete).
    • Special menu options:

      • Slider for FFB sticks at which deflection of the stick to switch into AFCS CSS mode.
      • Simple Braking (Ruder-Assist).

    • New inputs for slats lock toggle keybind (for fomation flying), AFCS, BDHI, chaff panel, fuel system, gunsight, master exterior light switch, AN/ARN-52 TACAN, oxygen system, AN/APN-141 Radar Altimeter, ECM panel, AN/ARC-51 Radio, Master Test Switch, Altimiter pressure, Weapon Function Selector, and many more.

  • PDF manual and kneeboard documentation with checklists and guidance on many aircraft systems. (Thanks to the many community contributors and proofreaders for their assistance compiling this information)


  • General:

    • Menu icon.
    • Menu screen.
    • Updated installation and troubleshooting instructions.

  • Flight Model:

    • Surfaces, horizontal stab, elevator, vertical stab, rudder, to not use beta, as this previously caused an ill defined wind axes to body transformation at high beta values causing the lift/drag values to be inverted.
    • Significantly increased slats lift.
    • Increased induced drag at high AoA (unrealistic negation of lift and drag caused by the issue above at > 90 deg AoA or beta).
    • Increased wing drag onset at > 40 degrees AoA.
    • Beta calculated per surface rather than using the overall airframe beta. This fixes some edge of the envelope nastiness
    • XY moment of inertia to match real value (effects tumbling).
    • Slats lift increased slightly.
    • Engine damage has now more dynamic effect.
    • Improved ground handling and break handling.
    • Slow release for brakes when using keyboard rather than instantly going to zero. This allows the brakes to be feathered below the point where the wheels lock.
    • Overhaul centre of gravity modelling.

  • Systems:

    • AFCS will not engage with rudder uncentred.
    • Re-wrote AFCS for EFM integration.
    • ILS mode on TACAN has been changed to A/A and functions as such.
    • Changed radar to be compatibile with SRS pull request.
    • ASN-41 Navigation Computer:

      • AN/ASN-41 error was being cancelled due to mathematical operation. This has been rectified. The drift will now be significant (1-2 nautical miles per hour, depending on manoeuvres).
      • Slew knob can be used to change the destination coordinates in STBY, D1, and D2 modes.
      • Push-to-set knobs no longer change coordinates in D1 and D2 modes.

    • Fuel System:

      • New bypass switch will bypass the wing tank in case of wing leak.
      • Flight refuel switch will no longer bypass wing tank, this enables/disables external tank flight refueling.

  • Animation:

    • Rudder pedal animation no longer tied to rudder position.
    • Updated mirror code for better rear visibility in mirrors.
    • Lowered default cockpit view to allow visibility of the zero mil position.
    • Nosewheel castering adjusted to match animation.

  • Textures:

    • Textures renamed to be standardised, to prevent all known mod conflicts.
    • Roughmets, weathering, normal maps.
    • Wheels and gear.
    • Cockpit textures (in external view). (thanks JP Gabobo)
    • Engine exhaust. (Thanks HellesBelle)
    • Weapon Function Selector labels.
    • Canopy seal.
    • Gunsight. (thanks Sport)
    • Radar screen and filter.
    • Ejection seat and handle.
    • ADI and backup.
    • Many cockpit objects.

  • Sounds:

    • LABS tone is played when the Bomb Release Button is depressed CMPTR mode.
    • Improved sound mixing.
    • Updated main menu intro sound.
    • Sound mixing.
    • More realistic engine ignitor timing.

  • Liveries:

    • Standardised livery lua files.
    • Improved inaccuracies and naming across liveries.

  • Inputs:

    • Keybinds recategorised.
    • Improved keybinding names.
    • Renamed fuel pressurisation.
    • Updated default controller bindings for Warthog throttle and CH Fighter Stick.
    • Moved keybinds to increase EFM maintainability: this unforuntately destroys all your existing keybinds.
    • Aligned controls indicator to bottom-left (friendlier for VR).
    • Keyboard: aileron response now resets. Elevator does not.

  • Missions:

    • Quickstart missions weather updated for 2.7.
    • TACAN and MCL training mission.
    • The radio manual frequency now starts at the channel 1 preset.
    • Enabled cockpit lights by default between the 1700 and 0500 hours.


  • Systems:

    • SFM carrier launch mechanism (fake afterburner).
    • SFM special menu options.
    • Landing gear overspeed message.
    • Removed gunsight slaving to the radar. The gunsight must now be set to zero when using the CP-741/A bombing computer.
    • Old fuel system.
    • Nose wheel steering.

  • Weapons and Loadouts:

    • Loadouts that were non-functional.
    • Weapons that do not have their supplementary systems modelled.

  • Inputs:

    • Duplicate multiplayer chat command.


  • Flight Model:

    • Carrier Launch Mechanism present on runways (see removed).
    • Carrier trap from airstart causes explosion.
    • Aircraft drift during carrier operations.
    • Brakes no longer jump to 50% application.
    • Aircraft no longer gets stuck connecting to SuperCarrier.
    • Spoilers extend at 70% RPM (thanks pohlinkzei).
    • Wake turbulance from another aircraft no longer causes pilot blackouts.

  • Systems:

    • Fuel System:

      • Empty tanks fueling correctly at tanker.
      • Fuel trans light displays if the integral wing tank empty.

    • AFCS:

      • AFCS now rolls out correctly when disabled during heading turn.
      • Reversion from CSS (or inital engage) to ATTITUDE should roll the aircraft level when within 5 degrees. (thanks OpticFlowX)

    • AN/ARC-51A UHF Radio:

      • Volume knob no longer starts at at 0.
      • JTAC no longer missing from comms menu.
      • ARC-51 GXMIT no longer returns a nil state.

    • AN/APN-141 Radar Altimiter index knob.
    • AN/ARN-52 TACAN or AN/ARA-63 MCL beacons no longer behave as if they are transmitting if the source is destroyed.
    • Deck offset and angle can now be adjusted based on ship type. (thanks OpticFlowX)
    • AN/APG-53A Ground Radar performance improvements.
    • Flap blowback valve behavior.
    • Airspeed indicator uses calibrated airspeed instead of equivalent airspeed.

  • Weapons:

    • M-81 and M-88 bomb negative pylon drag after release from MER/TER rack.
    • MK-77 jettison no longer causes crash to desktop.
    • Corrected negative drag issue caused by the CBU 1 and 2 Bomblets.
    • Corrected LABS tone function when the readied stations are empty.
    • Restored smokewinder pod functionality.

  • Animations:

    • Wheel spinning.
    • Engine windmilling at low speed.

  • Textures:

    • Mis-labeling of radar PLAN/PROFILE on the Miscellaenous Switches Panel.

  • Liveries:

    • USMC fixes.
    • Eliminated typo in Brazil Marinha do Brasil VF-1 15 ANOS, 2013.
    • Updated roughmets for 'RNZAF Golden T-Bird No.2, Squadron Ohakea, 1986' livery.

  • Sounds:

    • Clamped airframe stress sound.
    • Adjusted volume of some sounds to be less distracting.

  • Inputs:

    • Hook controls are now bindable by peripherals.
    • FFB pitch trim now works.
    • FFB now works for the AFCS.
    • Restored missing AN/APG-53A Radar bindings.

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Pilote de la 8e Escadre
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Community A-4E-C v2.0.0 Empty Re: Community A-4E-C v2.0.0

Dim 2 Jan - 20:23
Ceci est un mod. Merci d’utiliser la section appropriée du forum… (c’est répétitif….. je sais….) 

"Optimiste et pessimiste sont également nécessaires à la société, l'optimiste invente l'avion, le pessimiste invente le parachute..."

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Pilote de la 8e Escadre
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Community A-4E-C v2.0.0 Empty Re: Community A-4E-C v2.0.0

Lun 3 Jan - 12:55

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Community A-4E-C v2.0.0 Empty Re: Community A-4E-C v2.0.0

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