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"Sortie imminente" du AH-64D Empty "Sortie imminente" du AH-64D

Ven 25 Fév 2022 - 16:09
"Sortie imminente" du AH-64D 1230853482_Artboard1.png.093597a2c3d43064a6377a62be4d2a20 

25 February 2022
Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,"Sortie imminente" du AH-64D Pilotfly 
The situation in Ukraine has shocked us all. Our employees and third parties worldwide are devastated by the news that is unfolding. I have been traveling to Central and Eastern Europe since 1986 and have more friends in this region than anywhere else. 
Our hearts reach out to all our partners and friends, safe in the knowledge that our team here in the Swiss HQ as well as in the UK, US, Germany and Canada are working to ensure stability and continuity. We hope that you, our trusted community, will stand firm and join us in praying for peace in the region for the good of all.
Rest assured, we continue to work as usual and guarantee that the AH-64D will deliver to Early Access in the nearest future. We are also pleased to confirm progress on the new DCS: F/A-18C Hornet pilot. As planned, we will be providing you with new pilot models for most aircraft types and nationalities and look forward to the implementation as soon as possible. 
Some outstanding bugs and improvements for our naval units are also being addressed. We have improved wakes and smoke effects as well as ballast options that in turn change the water line, ship speeds and inertias. Work on collision modeling is also in progress, as well as basic roll characteristics in windy conditions.
In order to provide existing users with rewarding experiences and help new users find their first communities, we have put together a broad list of servers that we believe will help you get the most out of your flight time. Check them out
Thank you for your passion and support.
Yours sincerely, 
Nick Grey
Eagle Dynamics
[size=22]F/A-18C Hornet

Development Progress
"Sortie imminente" du AH-64D Hero1.png.f56cef9306aa52582559f1e6478adcf8
We are progressing nicely on the new 3D model of the US Navy pilot for the first person view. In the Development Screenshot above, you can see the pilot's legs and boots, the model is rendered based off of accurately dated US uniforms and we genuinely appreciate your feedback at this early stage of development. 
Development Progress
"Sortie imminente" du AH-64D Hero2.png.78893ad9d7eace9c46a2cd794e2304c6
We are overwhelmed with the initial response from the Closed Beta Testing of DCS: AH-64D and it is with great pleasure that we reassure you of its imminent release. Thank you again to all of you from our Community for your trust and support in the pre-order phase and to all of those who have been working extremely long hours to make this dream a reality, you know who you are. 
The initial Damage Model and Radio communications are now complete and we are currently working on Multi-Crew synchronization, improving frame rates and TADS functionality. If you have not already, please head over to Matt Wagner's AH-64D Tutorial Series and catch the latest DCS: AH-64D | Rockets Part II.
Naval Units
Development Report
"Sortie imminente" du AH-64D Hero3.png.edcd5c18992b6b27c9c0c89cd933050f
We are pleased to inform you that the smoke emitted from exhausts and from impact damage is being improved. Roll and sway effects in windy conditions are also work in progress.
Next, we will be working on the collision model of certain ships to improve the impact zone accuracy of anti-radiation missiles such as the AGM-88C HARM. This work is part of broader enhancements to ship Damage Model. 
Multiplayer Servers
"Sortie imminente" du AH-64D Hero4.png.72ad2e9e7ac4ad5238d884aad5ee2a9a
Whether you are just getting started or eager to learn new techniques and improve your current skills, we have listed some of the popular DCS communities and we encourage you to explore them all. These servers offer a way to enjoy DCS alongside fellow pilots across all eras and maps. Discord Servers.
If you are a DCS community and would like a chance at being featured, please send us a message on events@eagledynamics.ch.
Thank you again for your passion and support, 
Yours sincerely, 

"Sortie imminente" du AH-64D Black_14

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