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AH-64 Apache impression d'un pilote réel Empty AH-64 Apache impression d'un pilote réel

Jeu 22 Sep 2022 - 9:42
Trouvé hier cette review du module AH-64 Apache par un pilote et instructeur d'apache toujours d'active.


traduction de la conclusion pour ceux qui ont la flemme de tout lire en anglais Smile


est ce un simulateur d'apache super realiste ? Non ! est ce la meilleur representation disponible depuis "Janes Longbow 2 ? oui absolument"

morceaux choisis

"This model also seems to develop rates of descent very quickly, not vortex ring state (more on that in a minute) but at a hover, this model behaves like it weighs far more than it actually does despite what the torque setting is.
Now, to give credit where credit is due, this model is the first helicopter for DCS that doesn’t slip into Vortex Ring State if you look at it wrong.
The ease with which DCS models enter into VRS is terribly unrealistic. This is compounded by the fact that now some simmers who don’t quite understand VRS or have never experienced it in real life now believe this is a realism benchmark and it's one of the things that makes DCS helicopters so good. I assure you It is not.
I’m thrilled to say the DCS Apache breaks that trend! But part of what makes this model so frustrating for me is that when I pull what I feel is a normal collective input to arrest that rate, it easily goes to a power setting that’s well into the TGT limiter setting and the rotor rpm starts to bleed off rapidly."

une réponse donné par BigNewy sur reddit concernant l'article

"Its an interesting article, and some of the feedback is good, it was an opinion piece and not data driven, but we will take the feedback on board for early access as it progresses. I do feel the author was having some control issues, transitioning from real controls to a home sim can be difficult.
The comparisons to newer versions of the AH-64 probably did not help, the avionics are different in various ways from the version we are modelling in DCS and we still have more work to do here during early access.
Flight model tweaks are still to come, roll at high speeds, having to use to much torque pedal, VRS ect. so that will be addressed in future patches.
Always good to get the feedback from real pilots and the team have all taken a look, including our own AH-64 pilots.
Thanks - Bignewy"

link https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/xk3pn6/comment/ipbr2wn/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

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