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Les Mariannes sont pour tres bientot  ! Empty Les Mariannes sont pour tres bientot !

Ven 7 Mai 2021 - 17:09

7 May 2021

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends, 
This week we released the second update to DCS World Open Beta 2.7 to take care of some pressing issues. We are aware of some clouds jittering with certain VR hardware devices and settings, and we are working to eliminate this and continue to optimise frame rates. 
We would like to share our progress on the free DCS: Mariana Islands map. We are getting close to an Open Beta release, and we encourage you to check out the progress report below. Our internal team is testing airfield functionality, and external beta testing will commence shortly. We are working on topographic anomalies, shoreline and cliff textures, and resolve remaining graphic glitches.
Thank you for your passion and support.
Yours sincerely, 

Eagle Dynamics Team
Open Beta
Les Mariannes sont pour tres bientot  ! Hero1.png.894da908ffe99ff8889a279a9a896282
We are pleased to inform you that an update for DCS World Open Beta 2.7 was released this week. Highlights include:

  • MiG-21 crash in avionics.dll (caused crash on airstart) - Fixed
  • F-14A/B crash when pulling map marker using JESTER - Fixed
  • AJS-37 map marker crash - Fixed
  • Warehouses on airfields in old missions were corrupted after game update - Fixed
  • JF-17 collision model (solve FPS issue on the ground in Syria map) - Updated
  • MP. Storm of War MP server stability issues - Possible fix
  • F-16C wingtip AIM-120s caused damage when launched - Fixed

For more information, check out the full changelog.
Mariana Islands
The Pacific Supermarket
Les Mariannes sont pour tres bientot  ! Hero2.png.944653e3ef3beb399c96661d91528ee3
We are continuing to work on Air Traffic Control (ATC) for the new Mariana Islands airfields that will later take advantage of the new ATC system currently in development.
Internal testing of this map is going well, and we are working to further improve the ground textures and address road network anomalies. Work on improving the ports and shorelines also continues. Our goal is to create the best looking DCS map yet by using our latest terrain development kit tools.
Les Mariannes sont pour tres bientot  ! Hero3.png.7a5b6061d9f958e9e2221fdf685db6e9
US Naval Base, Guam 
The US naval base on Guam holds a massive amount of post-war resources and war material. In the late 1940s, the Seabees construction brigade extensively developed the land and it became the primary docking and storage facility for the Guam-based US Navy fleet. It remained under construction for the next 25 years. 
Les Mariannes sont pour tres bientot  ! Hero4.png.bcc15e3c2c8c59f9b2b44fc4c4c8e507
Ordnance Annex
The Naval Magazine for the US Naval base is situated in the south-central section of the island. It occupies 8,800 acres, and it includes an entirely man-made reservoir. It is also the central heating and water distribution plant for the US Naval base.
Les Mariannes sont pour tres bientot  ! Hero5.png.7f356b20f1b7bba6895bac75fdcc2758
Northwest Field
Northwest Field became a fighter base in October 1946, and it was home to the reactivated “Flying Tigers” fighter squadron. Equipped with P-47 Thunderbolts, it was assigned the responsibility of defending the Mariana Islands. Weapon stores and bunkers were built between Northwest Field and North Field. These facilities were used to support the long range and intense strategic bombing campaign against the Japanese.
Les Mariannes sont pour tres bientot  ! Hero7.png.84468b9f3d888bb1c12028ad93c41ee2
Andersen Air Force Base  AAFB
On the 7th of October 1949, North Field was renamed after Brigadier General James Roy Andersen, and it remains one of the largest and most important US air bases in the Pacific. It had a direct supply line from the United States and was considered ideal for B-52 Stratofortress operations. Andersen AFB now supports operations in the Indo-Pacific theater.
Les Mariannes sont pour tres bientot  ! Hero7.png.89e1934ea8b0bb3c45fd5bfb49320852
During 1944, the 318th was equipped with Republic P-47D Thunderbolts for the Marianas campaign. Working closely with Marine Corps ground forces, the ‘Bolts pioneered close air support and were the first to use napalm. P-47 pilots frequently carried two 500 lb bombs and used skip-bombing against railroad tunnels to destroy hidden enemy trains and stores. 
We hope this broad insight into Guam will be interesting to you and we look towards sharing more information on the WWII version of DCS: Mariana Islands in the near future.
Thank you again for you passion and support, 
Your sincerely,

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