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DCS newsletter du jour Empty DCS newsletter du jour

Ven 10 Sep 2021 - 17:07

10 September 2021

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,
DCS: F-16C Viper will receive the long awaited Dual Target Track (DTT) radar mode in the next Open Beta update. To get familiarised with this, please check out the DCS: F-16C Viper | Dual Target Track.
With DCS: The Channel currently being prepared for final release, we would like to share some of the on-going progress being made to this highly detailed map. The addition of a snow-covered winter season and various new unique assets including; piers, forts, cathedrals, churches and graveyards have been added.
We are keen to share our development progress of the IHADSS system for DCS: AH-64D with you. The Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System allows either the pilot or co-pilot/gunner to slave the 30mm chain gun to their line-of-sight. This allows the gun to track head movements and aim where they look. Please check out the details below.
In the next Open Beta update, look out for the new S-200 (SA-5) Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) system that was first fielded in the 1960s. Still operated by a number of countries today, it is primarily used to defend large areas from medium- to high-altitude bomber attacks. We have modelled the Syrian Army SA-5 system, which uses the STU-68U search radar, giving it a maximum range of 150km. We plan to develop another long-range SA-5 search radar soon.
Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,
Eagle Dynamics Team
[size=34]The Channel[/size]

Release candidate

DCS newsletter du jour Hero1
As DCS: The Channel approaches final release this week. We are very pleased with the progress, and we look forward to your valued comments.
Please find below a list of all new unique assets that will be included;

  • All St. Birchington
  • Belfry Of Dunkirk & St. Eloi Church
  • Church of St Laurence Ramsgate
  • Church of St Mary and Eanswythe
  • Citadelle d’Arras
  • Dover Town Hall
  • Fort d’Ambaleteuse
  • Graveyard near Amien Prison
  • Hastings pier
  • Mairie de Dunkerque
  • St Augustine's Abbey Ramsgate
  • Church St Leonard
  • Church St Mary
  • Church St Mary the Virgin Ashford
  • Cathedral St Omer

We have adjusted the minimum and maximum temperature values ​​for the seasons Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer. Many improvements have also been made to trees, settlements, roads, bridge LOD models and airfields. Destruction models have also been added.
A number of significant fixes have also been made and bugs along construction and building routes, as well as unnatural ground forms along river embankments have also been fixed.
[size=34]DCS: AH-64D[/size]

Development Progress

DCS newsletter du jour Hero2
The Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System (IHADSS) includes a monocle that provides imagery to the right eye. Based on extensive research, we have done our best to closely match the ergonomics and accurately recreate this view from the pilot and Co-pilot/Gunner positions. In addition to slaving the 30mm chain gun, the IHADSS also provides both pilots important flight, navigation, weapon, fire-control and sensor information.
The Modernised Pilot Night Vision System (MPNVS) is a infrared camera on the front of the aircraft that is also slaved to the helmet’s line of sight. This allows the pilot to see in the dark within the confines of the IHADSS and gimbal limits of the MPNVS.
DCS: AH-64D | IHADSS Sneak Peek

New unit

DCS newsletter du jour Hero3
The design of the Soviet S-200 (NATO SA-5 Gammon) began in the 1950s to counter the growing threat of western high altitude bombers and spy planes. An SA-5 battalion usually consists of six single rail launchers, a ‘Square Pair’ tracking and guidance radar, as well as either the P-14 Tall King, or in more recent times; the STU-68 "Tin Shield" search radar.
The massive 5V28 missile is over 10 meters long, and each weighs 7 tons at launch. Aided by four jettisonable boosters, the 5V28 can engage targets at long ranges. Detonation of the 215 kg warhead can be triggered by proximity fuse or command signal.
Given the missile's size and the distances that it can operate over, the SA-5 is most effective in the defence role against large, less maneuverable bombers, tankers, and AWACS aircraft. However, it can still present a significant threat to unwary, small fighter-sized targets. The SA-5 that we have modelled is based on the Syrian Army system that uses the ST-68U search radar, providing a maximum engagement range of 150km.
Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,
Eagle Dynamics Team

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