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Élève ESCA
Élève ESCA
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Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED Empty Des news sur F-18 et e F-16 d'ED

Lun 22 Fév - 13:42

19 February 2021

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners, and Friends,
We are grateful for the overwhelming customer response from the community during the Free to Play period and thank you for all your exciting feedback. We are working hard to address your reported bugs, requested adjustments, and future enhancements.
The F/A-18C development team is working towards bringing the Hornet a step closer to Release State. We are pleased to inform you of new features such as ATFLIR, WIDE acquisition mode, and PB mode for HARM, which are all currently in development. 
Check out some of the great progress being made on the Viper and please take a look at the amazing new Campaign by Baltic Dragon, Operation Pontus.
Once again, thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely, 

Eagle Dynamics Team
F/A-18C Hornet
Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED Hero1.png.3ae587e117aeb6ff632905387986cf93
For the next, big Open Beta update, we plan to include several new Hornet features that include:

  • Pre-Briefed (PB) mode for the HARM to include both HRM and A/C sub-modes
  • Self-Protect Pullback (PBLK) mode for the HARM / HRM OVRD
  • Improved HARM TOO handoff for two emitters at once
  • Adjusted AGM-88C HARM flight and seeker dynamics
  • ATFLIR targeting pod
  • Complete remaining Litening targeting pod tasks
  • TDC slew Wide Acquisition (WACQ) ACM mode
  • RAID Single Target Track (STT) mode
  • SPOT radar mode
  • Saving PRF to SET options
  • BRA indication with L&S
  • New elevation tracking model to resolve JHMCS designation drift

F-16C Viper
Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED Hero2.png.238f8bf0ea6d18168950f68c77d585f6
Our team of dedicated engineers assigned full-time to the Viper is currently working on:

  • Updated flight model dynamics for constant G and drag index for CAT I.
  • Addition of IAM weapons that include JDAM, JSOW, and WCMD.
  • Pre-Briefed (PB) mode for the AGM-88C HARM.

Important development items remaining include:

  • Air-to-Ground radar
  • CRUS page
  • JHMCS Air-to-Ground mode
  • HARM Targeting System (HTS)
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • And more

Operation Pontus
Baltic Dragon
Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED Hero3.png.59e1dfd7abe7a51ecbe3da22d113563c
Operation Pontus is a story driven campaign for the F/A-18C Hornet. As the Commanding Officer, you will plan, design, and execute demanding missions for your squadron. This campaign has day and night missions with different weather conditions against an intelligent and adaptive enemy.
"Operation Pontus” main campaign features:
Up to 30 missions (total number is based on your success rate)
Dynamic Briefings and SITREPs
Decision making and planning
Over 1000 voiceovers creating a dynamic environment
Full use of DCS: Supercarrier
"Every decision counts... Start' em Up!”
DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus campaign by 373vFS_Greg, 373vFS_Petritis, Baltic Dragon
Over the next coming weeks, a massive push is ongoing to prepare for the launch of DCS World 2.7. We are hoping to get there by the end of March and we are full burners on the job.
Thank you again for your passion and support, 
Yours Sincerely,

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Pilote de la 8e Escadre
Pilote de la 8e Escadre
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Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED Empty Re: Des news sur F-18 et e F-16 d'ED

Lun 22 Fév - 16:56
La 2.7 arrive ... j'espère que ça sera du 'qualitatif' pour une fois  Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED 1f606

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Instructeur UH-1H
Instructeur UH-1H
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Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED Empty Re: Des news sur F-18 et e F-16 d'ED

Lun 22 Fév - 18:26
Vouuui les nouveaux Nuaggggges !

Instructeur UH-1H (ESCA)
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Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED 2bca5e10  Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED 26a0 ABSENT AUX VOLS JUSQU'AU DIMANCHE 28 FÉVRIER INCLUS

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Élève ESCA
Élève ESCA
Cursus A-10C II :  Fiche Élève
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Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED Empty Re: Des news sur F-18 et e F-16 d'ED

Lun 22 Fév - 18:54
Vivement la 2.7 Very Happy

Brrrrrttttt intensifies

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Des news sur  F-18 et e F-16  d'ED Empty Re: Des news sur F-18 et e F-16 d'ED

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